How can MTA Medical assist you and your company?

Our highly skilled, motivated recruitment team will ensure that you

  • Find the right calibre of healthcare staff for your needs
  • Have a constant supply of healthcare staff - all year round
  • Benefit from our time, expertise and resources
  • Benefit from a cost effective and efficient means of recruitment
  • Enjoy a substantial reduction of time spent in the recruitment process

What can you expect from us?

  • Consultation for accurate job specification
  • Thorough international Candidate database search
  • Media and Internet advertising for maximum response
  • Monitoring and screening of response to recruitments advertisements
  • In-depth informative and assessment interviews of candidates by experienced, competent recruitment consultants with first hand knowledge of healthcare systems
  • Short list of candidates
  • Reference checking and qualification verification
  • Factual, professionally prepared resumes
  • Handling of all administration issues (professional registration etc)
  • Co-ordination of recruitment trip to South Africa
  • Co-ordination of interviews
  • Flexibility and ability to tailor our services to suit your requirements

What do we look for when searching for the right candidate for you?

  • Exceptional individuals from a wide range of healthcare professionals including surgeons, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, radiographers
  • Highly skilled, committed, well-motivated healthcare professionals who meet your needs
  • Innovative and energetic healthcare professionals who understand the needs of patients and who can effectively manage a complex portfolio of activities
  • An established track record that delivers service consistent with the concept of promoting high standards of professional practice
  • Dynamic healthcare professionals who welcome the exciting and challenging opportunity to be involved in other healthcare systems

Results-focused recruitment is our core business -
we will not be satisfied with anything less than excellence